Billionaire Mogul Utilizes ROP’s Research Services for Investment Potential in Switzerland
Educational Sector

Client Profile – US-based
Billionaire Mogul

The client is an established businessman and billionaire mogul who wanted to explore the investment potential of international schools in Switzerland, or potentially launching a similar service line. This high-profile client required comprehensive research, interpreted into a meaningful report with current standings, growth predictions, and the market evaluation, etc. to aid them in this endeavor.

Client Requirement – Secondary Research for Investment Decision-making

An investment of this nature demanded thorough secondary research that would support the client in all decision-making and investment evaluations. The client needed an outsourcing partner with a global presence who could deploy educated resources towards obtaining a substantial amount of relevant information in the following areas:

  • A compilation of International Schools in Switzerland.
  • A location of these schools and their respective advantages.
  • Expenses per day for each school.
  • Boarding costs for each school.
  • Grade levels for each school on the best effort basis.

After coming across Research Optimus (ROP) during an online inquiry, the client-initiated contact and decided to secure ROP’s services due to the subsequent qualifications:

  • Support from educated and dedicated analysts and domain experts for this niche area of research.
  • Provision of multilingual research specialists to facilitate a more intuitive approach to conducting research and preparing the requisite reports.
  • Ability to work within a short timeframe as the client wanted to take advantage of this potential opportunity as soon as possible.
  • Proven expertise and success record in all viable areas of research performance.

Challenges Faced by
ROP’s Analysts

Research Optimus dealt with a few main challenges during the development of this research-intensive, investment focused project:

  • Initially, the project was briefly stalled because of the minimal availability of secondary market research data, to which the ROP team decided to focus on untapped channels to find the necessary information.
  • The ROP team also faced some difficulties in validating the research, and extra efforts were made to confirm the authenticity of all the information.
  • The client’s short deadline request presented some challenges considering the lengthy, and complex nature of the research demands.

Customized Approach to this
Secondary Market Research Project

ROP adopted an aggressive approach to this project, opting for a customized process that would address challenges while deploying resources towards a successful outcome:

  • A consultation was initiated with the client.
  • ROP assigned three dedicated resources to work exclusively on this project, overseen by an experienced team leader who would coordinate all research tasks and facilitate communication with the client.
  • Secondary research was performed, and data was collected about all relevant areas of the pertinent Switzerland based schools.
  • The gathered data was analyzed, and a SWOT and Risk analysis provided additional intelligence about the viability of this investment or service line launch.
  • The team worked on and prepared an interim report for the client. Following the confirmation from the client, the work was finalized, and a report was created.
  • A visually compelling, understandable, and interactive BI dashboard was created to share with the client to aid them in reading all of the various data. The project was completed successfully and on time.

Accurate Research Reports and a
Happy Client as Project Takeaways

This unique project focusing on the Switzerland educational system was favorably concluded, leading to the following outcomes:

  • The report was completed and delivered on time, and the client was pleased with the dedication to exploring all possible areas of research to assemble an in-depth and targeted summarization.

  • Thanks to the nature of the report provided by ROP’s team, the client was able to explore lucrative investment potential and service launch opportunities in Switzerland.

  • The client’s expectations were met, and ROP’s services were contracted for an ongoing basis as the client moved forward with further projects.


Flexible hourly pricing methodology for one-time research needs, and dedicated


ISO 9001:2008 standard quality assurance and defined quality polices to ensure data


Customer information and project confidentiality secured by Non-disclosure Agreements

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