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Human vs. AI: Battling the Complexities of Social Media Monitoring

Social media monitoring is an essential element of a successful marketing strategy. People turn to networks like Facebook and Twitter to share their favorite brands, so companies must develop successful strategies for tapping into this vast network. Get your brand into the conversation by honing your marketing strategy using social media monitoring strategies that work.  

With the emergence of AI, we’re seeing a shift in the way businesses monitor their social media presence. The debate of AI vs. human intervention has begun but the truth is that neither has a clear advantage. Businesses that efficiently merge AI with human intervention can tap into the full range of benefits that social media offers.

The Role of AI in Social Media Monitoring

AI-powered social media monitoring delivers powerful insights into a brand’s social media audience. Analyzing large volumes of data at scale is where AI shines. It scans comments, mentions, and other powerful key indicators at lightning speeds to compile detailed reports. These reports give brands direction and help leaders make decisions.  

The benefits of using AI monitoring are as follows: 

  • Tracks brand mentions and compile them into organized reports. 
  • Discover trends by analyzing consumer behavior. 
  • Find new consumer markets. 
  • Track brand reputation and flag indicators of declining reputation. 

All of these insights are actionable and help brands create targeted, efficient social media campaigns.

AI Social Media Monitoring Provides Key Insights

Brands utilize powerful AI-powered tools to gain real-time data about their target market. These tools scan content across social media including posts, profiles, comments, and mentions. AI then processes this data and produces detailed reports. The problem is that without context, this information is essentially useless. That’s where human intervention comes into play.  

Have you ever noticed how some brands are always on top of current trends? They are likely using AI-powered tools to back their human-driven social media teams. In other words, AI reports trends that teams use to create engaging content to stay ahead of their competition. We see this happen daily with top brands around the world.

The Role of Humans in Social Media Monitoring

AI is great at logical, structured processes but social media is a human-driven platform. So the human element will always play a vital role in social media monitoring. Humans give context to surface-level data and uncover its intent. For instance, AI can tell you a phrase that’s trending but it might not understand why.  

Humans see beyond headlines and hashtags to understand the nuances. AI struggles with these finer details. In short, AI can identify trends. It can even write and post content within those trends. But without context, those posts might not make a lot of sense to users.  

Accuracy is essential when it comes to social media monitoring. Humans are not as fast at analysing as AI, but we see that data in a whole new light. The key is to combine the raw processing power of AI with the human touch. People can use this data to identify trends that software easily overlooks.  

Human-powered social media monitoring also gives businesses a direct link with users on social media. People are turned off by social media bots. Humans are better at engaging with customers and in an age where AI bots are everywhere, adding this element earns the trust of your audience.  

The most important element that humans add to social media monitoring is the ability to adapt to rapid changes. AI depends on training data for everything it does. While this works in a structured setting, social media is far too chaotic for machine learning algorithms to keep up. Trends come and go, oftentimes following no logical structure. Human intervention is required to understand the nuances. 

Human vs. AI: Which is Better for Social Media Monitoring?

Many people see AI as a threat to human jobs and opportunity. AI has certain advantages that cannot be ignored. However, it also has limitations. When it comes to social media monitoring, the human element is required to keep the audience engaged.  

The biggest factor that comes to mind is brand awareness. People would rather engage with other people than with AI. This adds a personal connection with the audience, which is something that a machine cannot do.

Humans and AI Collaborate For Efficient Social Media Monitoring

AI is a great tool but human intelligence is still essential to a brand’s success on social media. However, brands that effectively merge the two are going to experience heightened results. The key is to define the roles of each side and incorporate it into a working social media strategy.

Let AI Take Over Repetitive Tasks

One of the biggest boons with AI is its power to handle repetitive tasks so let it do what it does best. By delegating these tasks, your teams can focus on engaging your social media audience. Develop AI processes that automatically scan comments to find patterns in consumer behaviour or let it flag inappropriate content for moderation. AI can also find trending hashtags and alert social media teams.

Let Human Intelligence Handle Customer Service

AI can sift through millions of comments to find complaints about brand-related products and services. But rather than attempting to diagnose the problem, it should notify social media teams so they can address these concerns. Since customer service teams don’t have to manually trek through comments, they have more time to address consumers directly.

AI and Human Collaboration Unlocks the Full Potential of Social Media Monitoring

Empower your social media teams with AI to create a forward-thinking strategy that will improve your social media presence. Just remember that AI has its limitations. It can process huge volumes of data and perform repetitive tasks. But when it comes to engaging the audience, human intervention is required.  

If you’re not sure where to start, then consider outsourcing your social media monitoring needs. Research Optimus seamlessly merges the power of automation with human intervention to develop efficient, more accurate monitoring. Visit the Research Optimus website to learn more.

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