Collateralized Bond Obligations

Research Optimus (ROP) offers the most comprehensive collateralized bond obligation services, utilizing an international team of deeply experienced professionals. Ensuring that your approach and supporting data are of the highest quality is the key to ensuring success in these multifaceted and often complex tasks.

Whether your ideal outcome centres around acquiring or selling potentially high-yielding junk bonds at lower risk, our team delivers optimization advice and support. We reduce risks at every opportunity to guide your business to success. Diversifying your portfolio across a spectrum of risk and return levels ensures a lower risk potential.

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Collateralized Bond Obligations Services
Offered at Research Optimus

Research Optimus combines cutting edge technology and iterative processes with highly experienced team members. We offer the highest quality collateralized bond obligations services including:

  • Cash Flow Evaluation

    Our team meticulously evaluates your business’ cash flows, creating optimized and inclusive solution that ensures the security, availability, and consistency of cash flow in your business.

  • Financial Data

    We make use of a range of deal waterfalls, financial data sources, and current, high quality, normalized loan-level data. Our wide array of trusted resources allow us to provide the most accurate results.

  • Credit Estimates

    We develop accurate estimates of the long term credit ratings of previously unrated companies. Our depth of experience and global network of industry leading professionals ensures total up-to-the-minute accuracy.

  • Payment Structuring

    Research Optimus has a great deal of experience in calculating future bond repayments and verifying payment-dates.

  • Analytical Requirements

    Research Optimus performs in-depth analysis of our client’s portfolios, taking into account price and yield sensitivity, Monte Carlo analyses, and multi-deal scenario analysis.

  • Exposure Analysis

    Our team identifies collateral overlaps, enabling exposure to specific industries or issuers.

  • Compliance Testing

    Our team analyzes hypothetical trades, structures deals, tests for compliance, and analyzed cash flows. We analyze aspects such as first-dollar loss, durations, tranche cash flows, and break-even points.

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  • Comparative Analysis

    We flag areas of potentially under- or overvalued securities by analyzing a range of deals and scenarios simultaneously.

Benefits of ROP’s Structured
Debt Security Reports

Outsourcing your collateral bond obligation service requirements to Research Optimus benefits your business in the following ways:

  • Data Security

    We adhere to the highest global data security standards and requirements, ensuring that your information is always safe with us.

  • Top-Flight Analysts

    Through Research Optimus, you have access to the most qualified professionals available in your industry and related niche, ensuring total immersion and the highest quality outputs.

  • Dynamic Scaling

    You choose your team size, turnaround time, and expenditure mix to ensure that you get the results you need, on time, at the right price.

  • Experienced Team

    Our teams are built using the best professional talent available from across the globe, ensuring total compatibility internationally and an results that translate across points of reference.

  • Accurate Up-To-The-Minute Data

    We make use of the most recent data and contrast it with historical figures, ensuring total clarity and accuracy of information.

  • Accessible Reporting

    Our results are comprehensive, including visual cues and interactive reporting, to ensure total immersion and understanding of the outputs.

  • Research Capabilities

    Research Optimus has a team of highly trained, deeply experienced financial researchers who ensure that each opportunity to invest is investigated.

Approach Research Optimus for Credible CBO Reports

Our highly-effective collateralized bond obligation services remove the complexity and difficulty from the entire process. We allow you to remove pressure from your internal teams and benefit from the experience of our global workforce. Contact us using the form on our website and a member of our team will respond to you as rapidly as possible.

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