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White-label quantitative research services from Research Optimus (ROP) assist research agencies to measure business characteristics and compare different alternatives for their clients. This approach to research includes index modeling, risk management, data analysis, credit research, econometrics, and market studies.

To help organizations of all sizes including large enterprises, SMEs, and startups in their quest for timely, accurate, and cost-effective quantitative research, ROP provides customized quantitative research services.

ROP's research team is based out of Bangalore, India. We deliver significant cost advantages with flexible engagement plans, in a time-bound manner to clients located in America, Europe, and Australia. This is why we are the chosen partner of several Fortune 5000 companies.

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Quantitative Research Service Expertise
at Research Optimus

ROP offers the following customized quantitative research services:

  • Quantitative Questionnaires

    ROP develops questionnaires using both paper-based and online questionnaires and uses trained interviewers for telephone interviews.

  • Credit Research

    ROP emphasizes unbiased and customized credit modeling as well as third-party validation of credit ratings by agencies such as Fitch, Moody's, and S&P's.

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  • Data Analysis

    ROP incorporates all relevant quantitative data techniques to effectively manage Big Data from all sources.

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  • Competitive Analysis

    ROP evaluates competitors from all pertinent quantitative angles including pricing strategies, product and service comparisons, and benchmarking studies.

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  • Quantitative Market Research

    ROP evaluates the most important market data for specific market areas like historical returns, market potential, and market size.

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  • Financial Modeling

    ROP produces quantitative models that are customized for each situation and can develop financial models for sensitivity analysis, project finance scenarios, and asset valuations.

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  • Additional Qualitative Research

    ROP performs qualitative research to supplement quantitative research as needed including interviews, group discussions, and workshops.

  • Performance Analysis

    ROP examines quantitative performance data for client organizations for a detailed look at information memorandums, business plans, and balance sheets.

  • Macroeconomics Reports

    ROP assesses macroeconomic factors on both a localized and global basis including sovereign debt levels, economic growth, and interest rates.

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  • Quantitative Portfolio Analysis

    ROP evaluates portfolios with a wide range of parameters like forecasts, variance, return analysis, fundamental analysis, and technical analysis.

  • Risk Management and Derivatives Modeling

    ROP emphasizes a quantitative approach to managing risk by preparing risk reports that are customized for specific audiences.

  • Reports and Presentations

    ROP publishes professional and concise presentations and reports that are always customized for the specific audience.

  • Financial Market Research

    ROP analyzes market issues impacting equities, fixed income instruments, commodities, forex, and structured finance products.

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  • Statistical Analysis

    ROP employs statistical parameters such as standard deviations and regression analysis.

  • Index Modeling

    ROP customizes quantitative models for both buy-side and sell-side clients.

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Quantitative Research Benefits Offered by ROP

Please consider these primary ROP benefits when you are exploring how to outsource quantitative research services:

We offer the best of both research worlds with both quantitative research and qualitative research.

We provide unbiased research and third-party validation of quantitative research from other sources.

Our teams observe best practices for all industries included in their quantitative research.

Our experts use up-to-date research techniques so that you will receive high-quality results based on the latest research methods.

ROP leverages many years of quantitative and qualitative research experience and an international research network to obtain cost-effective and timely access to hard-to-obtain research information.

We constantly train their team of researchers so that you always obtain complete and accurate research results.

We always guarantee client satisfaction for their customized research services.

Research Optimus and Quantitative Research
Cost-Effective and Practical Help

We provide a practical and cost-effective way to outsource quantitative research needs — regardless of your organization's size, ROP can help. Contact us today to discover how our services will save you time and money without compromising quality.

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