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Canadian Management Consulting Firm

Our Client - Management
Consulting Firm

Located in Canada, the client is a management consulting firm that provides businesses with practical and cost-effective solutions to their everyday problems. This firm turns the concept of management consulting on its head, opting for a “business management coaching model” rather than the usual approach which involves re-writing operating procedures, conducting extensive interviews, and creating spreadsheet upon spreadsheet of complicated financials. This new model saves businesses money by using ground-breaking technology and the invaluable knowledge of Canada’s leading subject matter experts.

Our client offers services related to consulting in general management, business development, strategic planning and execution, as well as risk management, operational improvement, and mergers and acquisitions. Following an online inquiry, the client determined that our research team was ideal for the job, given our previous experience with similar list building projects.

Requirements for the
Research Project

Our team was tasked with building a list of retired food industry executives. The list was required to span across various segments of the industry, including dairy, meat/protein, fresh produce, bakery, oilseeds/ingredients, beverages, CPG packages, and natural/organic produce.With such an expansive list, we needed to assign our best resources to the job, ensuring that the client received the best possible service. Our focus was on generating as many results as possible and within a fairly tight deadline.

Challenges Faced by
Our Team

The deadline for this project was a mere two days. As we were tasked with creating a wide-ranging list, the tight deadline was somewhat of a challenge. However, we expanded our team with some of the most knowledgeable and experienced researchers available to us, and the project was completed in record time.

Our Detailed Research and
List Building Process

As with any other research task, our team endeavored to deliver a comprehensive list of in-depth and accurate results. To combat a faster-than-normal turnaround time, we assigned additional resources to the project, ensuring that the client received the utmost attention to detail.

As always, we followed our step-wise process, providing the highest possible level of service excellence:

  • During our initial meeting with the client, we were able to fully understand the scope of the project and resources were assigned to begin the research process immediately.
  • Using Google search, we spent two days building a comprehensive list of retired food industry executives.
  • Brainstorming sessions involved the entire team (project manager, backend developers, front-end designers) and centered around creating a dashboard that would live up to the client’s needs and expectations.
  • The list was passed through quality control.
  • Once the list had been checked for accuracy, it was passed on to the client for final approval.

End Benefits

Our team worked round the clock to deliver an extensive list of results. The client was completely satisfied with the quality of our work and our dedication to delivering the list on time. We have secured further research projects and look forward to working with the client in the future.


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