Extensive Market Research to Strengthen Accurate Investment Decision of Scandinavian Firm

Our Client – Scandinavian Investment

Based in the Netherlands, the client is an investment firm that makes long-term investments primarily in large scale industries. The client came across our services via our website and as our research services were ideal for the client's needs the client initiated the contract request. The client had mentioned that apart from our research capability in different geographies as well as our competitive pricing and quick turnaround time were the reasons to go for Research Optimus (ROP).

Market Research for Investment

Our team was tasked with conducting in-depth Market Research to gain a thorough understanding of the mining industry in Africa. The client wanted to know the market volatility, and socio-political influence to support their decision to investment in the countries like Mozambique, South Africa, Angola, Namibia, and Congo.

Challenges Faced by Our Research

One of our biggest challenges in this project was battling the unavailability of information. With such a niche research topic, finding readily available information is not necessarily as simple as typing queries into a search engine. Our analysts needed to dig deep to source the required results.

Our Detailed Research Process at
Research Optimus

Intent on providing the client with a thoroughly researched and accurate report, our analysts developed a customized, step-wise process that would enable them to stay on target and deliver the report within good time.

  • We set up telephonic meetings with the client during which we discussed the expectations as well as the potential hurdles in our path.

  • Once we gained a thorough understanding of what was expected from us, we assigned a team of experienced researchers to the project.

  • Research protocols were put in place, enabling our team to complete the data collection process.

  • Using various research tools available to us, and consulting with experts in the Mining Industry for further insights, we compiled a detailed report for the client.


Despite some initial challenges regarding time constraints, our team was able to complete the project without any additional complications. The client approved the final deliverables and was completely satisfied with the quality of our work. Performing financial analysis spanning over more than a decade was a challenging task, but our experts rose to the occasion.

Flexible hourly pricing methodology for one-time research needs, and dedicated full-time equivalent resource allocation for on-going projects.

Pricing & Engagement

ISO 9001:2008 standard quality assurance and defined quality polices to ensure data collection and presentation accuracy levels are consistent.

Quality Systems

Customer information and project confidentiality secured by Non-disclosure Agreements and project data by workstation security policies.

Project Security


  • Senior Vice President Automotive & Transportation Industry

    We achieved substantial cost and time savings on several difficult projects. The services provided by Research Optimus was prompt attention to our requests and attention to details were excellent

  • Lynn Kowalczyk

    After carefully reviewing the documents you provided, we are suitably impressed with the meticulous details and extracted data which is truly high-quality

  • Leading STM Publisher

    Even though most of our communication was done via email, it was extremely easy to work with Research Optimus. Superbly quick turnaround time which was quicker than needed. They were there when I needed them!

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