Research Services for the Banking Industry

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Research Services for the Banking Industry

The compliance challenges faced by the banking sector can be particularly problematic for banking organizations of all sizes. With a team of legal experts, ROP enables banks to overcome "regulatory legal limbo" regardless of whether they are dealing with U.S. banking reforms like the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform Act or banking regulations in new international markets.

Ways Our Research Services Help Our Banking Sector Clients

We provide the following customized research services for banking sector clients throughout the world:


ROP keeps banking decision-makers updated about macroeconomic trends and developments involving economic growth, employment, interest rates and currencies with concise reports that include supporting graphs and statistics.

Macroeconomic Reports

Equities Market

Research Optimus analyzes macroeconomic indicators such as household spending, demographics, employment and consumer spending. We provide a global macroeconomic perspective by comparing and contrasting different regions.

Equities Market Reports

Fixed Income Markets

ROP assesses fixed income markets by examining credit ratings, government and corporate bonds, best bond picks, investment ideas, interest rate trends and forecasts.

Fixed Income Markets Reports

Forex Markets

Research Optimus reviews global foreign exchange markets, provides new investment ideas and analyzes major currency pairs.

Forex Markets Reports

Structured Finance

ROP analyzes structured finance products such as project finance, collateralized debt obligations, mortgage-backed securities and asset-backed securities.

Structured Finance Reports

Commodities and Real
Estate Reports

Research Optimus provides a detailed review of real property investments and commodities such as crude oil and gold. Real estate reports can be tailored to specific local and national real estate markets.

Commodities and Real Estate Reports

Primary Market

Research Optimus performs original market research for the banking sector with customized surveys, interviews and questionnaires. Topics include target group research, B2B research, customer loyalty, and corporate image research and customer satisfaction.

Primary Market Research

Market Entry

ROP evaluates market entry factors by looking at PEST analysis, market sizing, financial sector regulations and market entry barriers. Analysis can be localized for financial services and products such as Islamic Finance.

Market Entry Research

Internal Finance

ROP analyzes income statements and balance sheets to support financial risk analysis and cash flow evaluation for multiple banking purposes.

Internal Finance Reports


Research Optimus creates customized rating models, examines existing credit ratings and provides third party validation of credit data.

Credit Research


ROP prepares updates about technological trends and developments that are pertinent to the banking industry. Focuses include cybersecurity, online banking, e-payment and financial technologies.

Technological Updates


Research Optimus examines legal issues that will impact banking activities. Examples include changes by regulatory bodies, valuation principles and guidelines, accounting legislation, tax regulations and reporting standards.

Legal Reports


Research Optimus analyzes all forms of big data for banking sector users such as external chief data officers. Our data analysis team identifies growth potential and risks and examines 5-10 year forecasts for developed, emerging and frontier markets.

Data Analysis


ROP produces customized industry findings that are designed expressly for specific banking audiences such as portfolio managers and traders.

Industry Reports


ROP's support team members provide timely help for competitor screening, peer group analysis, due diligence requirements and investment banking transactions.

Transaction Support

Financial Modeling

Research Optimus develops customized financial models for banking clients that encompass capital structure analysis, tax and financial valuations, synergy analysis and LBO/DCF modeling.

Financial Modeling Services


ROP analyzes competitors by reviewing pricing strategies, branch networks, benchmarking, SWOT analysis, company profiles and best practices.

Competitive Intelligence


Research Optimus enhances investor relations with foreign language support, press releases, annual reports, specialized white papers and investor presentations.

Investor Relations

Customer Service

ROP fulfills diverse customer support functions for banking industry clients such as analyzing customer service quality, creating and managing databases, handling welcome calls, responding to customer complaints, conducting customer retention campaigns and providing price quotes.

Customer Service Support

Retail Sales

Research Optimus evaluates banking sector sales for single branches as well as an entire retail network with comparative sales analysis and competitor sales results within a comparable geographic area. We develop sales forecasts and review sales trends.

Retail Sales Analytics

Business Intelligence

Research Optimus ensures that a broad range of metrics are available to banking officials and departments as needed. Bank users can produce customized reports that include applications such as performance scorecards, goal tracking, key performance indicators and data visualization.

Business Intelligence Dashboard


ROP applies advanced data mining and data analysis techniques to banking sector requirements. Our data management team provides concise data summaries with supporting graphs and can use dynamic analysis and real-time data analytics.

Data Analytics

Flexible hourly pricing methodology for one-time research needs, and dedicated full-time equivalent resource allocation for on-going projects.

Pricing & Engagement

ISO 9001:2008 standard quality assurance and defined quality polices to ensure data collection and presentation accuracy levels are consistent.

Quality Systems

Customer information and project confidentiality secured by Non-disclosure Agreements and project data by workstation security policies.

Project Security

Helping Banking Sector Clients of All Sizes Thrive in a Volatile Global Economy

Today's banking industry is facing many new challenges. The Research Optimus team of experts can provide immediate help.

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    Even though most of our communication was done via email, it was extremely easy to work with Research Optimus. Superbly quick turnaround time which was quicker than needed. They were there when I needed them!


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