How to Establish Your New Business through Market Research 16 Aug 2013

Establish Your New Business Using Market Research

Transforming a new product or a business idea to a success is a long and exhilarating journey. There are various factors involved in establishing a smart and sustainable direction for your venture. With market research, companies could eliminate risk and create an environment for a successful enterprise. Market research is a function that links the consumer and customers to the marketer through information.

The value of market research

Market research is not just a one-off activity. It can be used for a new idea or an already running business. Successful companies conduct market research to keep up with the market trends and remain profitable. Regardless of whether you are starting or expanding your business, market research is vital to understand your target market and increase sales.

Act on your business plan

After establishing and refining your business plan, you should include a budget for the market research. The amount of budget may vary with the size of your business and the sector you want to venture into. By understanding the iterations of market research and how they apply to your business, you will be better equipped than your competitors. Market research will help you identify areas of your business which require attention. You should clearly define your objectives and the outcomes you expect from the research, as unclear objectives lead to conflicting expectations and irrelevant data. Acting on these will significantly help you address your potential customer and market needs.

Discover market potential

Market research helps in understanding the market potential, size of the market and its possible growth through various methods such as primary/secondary research or quantitative and qualitative research. Having a reliable business and consumer intelligence will be extremely important to the success of this phase of launching your product or service. It will address your questions including:

  • How many people buy your product?
  • What is the market value?
  • How much of your product must sell to run a successful business?
  • Is the market saturated?

Gain demographic knowledge

Market research involves gathering information about your customer-base. It will give you an advantage over your competitor and help you understand your customer’s attitude towards your products and services. The research will cover:

  • Customer demographics (age, gender, income)
  • Social and lifestyle trends
  • Needs and expectations
  • Competitors research (current turnover, pricing, products and services)

Finally you need to establish how your product will fulfill your customer needs and how you would attract their attention through a successful advertising.

Analyze data and identify risks

Analyzing the results will help you draw conclusions and increase the change of a successful business. Moreover, Market research will present any risks involved within a market and possible strategies to overcome them. Knowledge of the risk ahead of time will turn potential problems into a competitive advantage and help you set goals that are realistic and achievable. However, being blind-sided by the unexpected may considerably ruin the business idea.


Using market research to launch your business is essential for the profitability of your venture. By carrying out a successful market research campaign, you begin the long process of taking your idea to the market, grow your product and lay out the foundation of a long-term enterprise that will sustain your for decades to come. The sooner you act on your market research conclusion, the more it will benefit your business.

– Research Optimus

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