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Research and Cost Effectiveness 10 Apr 2014

Research and Cost Effectiveness

The concepts of cost-effectiveness and research are frequently intertwined because of the growing importance of both disciplines. The value of research has expanded to cover areas as diverse as investment analysis, business studies and pharmaceutical

Qualitative Components to Fundamental Investment Analysis 06 Mar 2014

Qualitative Components to Fundamental Investment Analysis

There are three components to fundamental analysis of a stock: financial statement analysis, valuation and qualitative factors. Each of these is important for a different reason and no factor can stand alone to support an investment decision. Financi

How to Improve Business Performance through Business Analytics 08 Aug 2013

Using Business Analytics in Strategic Planning and Management

Business Analytics is becoming an important tool for organizations to manage, develop and communicate information. There has been so much of advancement in this field that it becomes difficult to keep track on how this conversation is actually progre

Advantages and Disadvantages of Outsourcing R&D 30 May 2013

Advantages of Outsourcing R&D

There are a lot of companies that have outsourced their research & development (R&D) projects offshore and many others considering it. There are distinct economic advantages of outsourcing R&D, but there are also a few disadvantages that

Fundamental vs. Technical Equity Research 28 Mar 2013

Fundamental vs. Technical Equity Research

Fundamental and technical equity research is two different stock-picking methodologies used for forecasting the future growth trends of stocks. Fundamental research concentrates on finding and evaluating the dynamics that inf

Knowing your Customer’s Pulse is the Key to his Heart 14 Feb 2013

Knowing your Customer’s Pulse is the Key to his Heart

There was a time when companies manufactured what they liked, what they preferred, or what they thought was best. Once the final product was ready, they set about the process of finding ways to sell it. Today, nobody from a shoe manufacturer to a cos

Data Governance - Managing Information Of An Enterprise Asset 23 Nov 2012

Data Governance: Information as a Valuable Enterprise Asset

Analyze this – you are a big consumer durables company about to launch a new product soon and your product and marketing departments decide to conduct market research with your existing customers in a city. You obviously expect to ga

Ensuring Consistent Customer Experience across Multiple Touch Points 25 Oct 2012

Ensuring consistent customer experience across multiple touch points: Enabling Single Customer View

How many times have you received a call on your mobile phone from a leading bank wanting to sell you a credit card, while you already own another credit card issued by that bank? Or from your insurance company? Isn’t it frustrating or sometimes e

Cloud Computing and SaaS Solutions 11 Oct 2012

Cloud Computing and SaaS Solutions – The next step forward!

Imagine this - You enter Store No. 2 of a local retail chain that has 4 outlets spread across town. You are looking to exchange a pair of jeans you bought today morning from Store No. 1 of the same retail chain. The Store No. 2 manager logs on to his